Continuous Improvement

We apply Lean thinking to raise awareness and help you to focus on your value stream.


TYPICAL Projects

  • Cereal bar line wastage study
  • Block chocolate line improvements
  • Biscuit line performance study
  • Cost evaluation on meat pies production
  • Ingredient yield evaluation for Christmas puddings
  • MIS System roll-out in biscuit factory
  • Cost reduction through modified ways of working


  • Burton’s Biscuits
  • Fox’s Biscuits
  • GSK
  • Mars
  • Matthew Walker
  • Thornton’s
  • Weetabix


  • Industrial Engineering Studies
  • Lean design
  • Six Sigma
  • Simulation
  • MIS


  • Our industrial engineering and production line experience means that we have the knowledge to identify opportunities for improvement throughout the production process.